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Mission Statement

Our mission: We are committed to creating exhibitions and learning experiences which will help visitors make connections between themselves and the world in which we live. Our goal is to be a leader in participatory education for students, teachers, parents, and the community. The purpose of the museum is to provide public education through the collection, preservation, research, interpretation and exhibition of artifacts, documents, and photographs. Our goal is to provide hands-on activities that encourage participation education for students, teachers, parents, and the community. As a center for culture and the arts, we wish to enhance cultural awareness and promote cultural competency. We wish to build a culturally responsive learning community through creative educational programs offered for learners of all ages. We believe arts education is vital. We believe the arts help students understand our world, express their beliefs and understanding, and develop essential skills that prepare them to become the innovators, problem solvers, and collaborators our society expects. 

Our vision: We believe our community is rich with diversity and should have a place to celebrate that diversity and our own history. We believe that knowing about our past and the history of cultures in our world is important for all of the community. We believe cultural artifacts, arts performances, and learning opportunities help students and adults become creators and contributors to our society. We feel through our efforts our community can gain a deeper understanding of others’ cultures, heritage and the common human experience. We strive to provide opportunities for engagement, enjoyment and important and thoughtful discourse, and by doing so understand what makes us unique.