Karshner Center Events 2019-20
Admission is always free!

Culture & Arts Festivals
Noon—5 pm

Dinosaurs, Rock and Roll11.2.19         Dinosaurs & Endangered Species Science Festival: A family festival featuring interactive stations and displays brought to you by Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. Their Science on Wheels program is called “Rock N Roll” with activities about rocks, crystals, volcanos and earthquakes. Also, by the Burke Museum, called “Dig In’ with activities about dinosaurs, fossils, and lots more.  There will other activities, read-alouds, games with dinosaurs, a movie or two and maybe… a visit from Pt. Defiance Zoo. From noon - 5 pm, admission is free.

2.8.20           Culture & Arts Festival - Black History Month: A family festival featuring a full spectrum of African American history through music, dance, theatre and art.  Maya Soleil Tradition will present acoustic African songs and dancees from countries of western and south-central Africa. With colorful costumes and engaging personalities, these master-level performers use ethnic vocals, musical instruments, and drums such as djembes and talking drums to weave complex rhythms and beautiful melodies.  Want a little Soul, Funk, or R&B classics? Well, Music Soulstice will provide a musical experience tracing the evolution of soul music and how it has impacted American culture from decade to decade.  Starting at the foundation, the listener will be taken on a journey of familiar music, weaving them through time with the popular sounds of that era.  From early spirituals to Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald, to Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, and Marvin Gaye, to Michael Jackson, Prince, and more; hear soul music that has shaped the American cultural landscape. Book-It Theatre of Seattle brings Crown: Ad Ode to the Fresh Cut, about the importance of the haircut.  There will be art projects based on folkart traditions, teaching of African dance moves, a drum circle to join, some favorite songs of all time to sing -  a great day for all ages!

3.14.20         Nordic & Viking Culture & Arts Festival: A fun day of Vikings - REALLY, Vikings will be in the house!  Learn about the traditions, celebrations, history and culture of the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.  Ruthie Dornfeld and Irene Myers will play traditional dance music from the four countries.   Alf and Lulie Herigstad will teach about “living” Viking, tell stories, show handcrafts and more.  Professional woodcarver Erik Holt will demonstrate Baroque Acanthus, Rococo and Viking/Dragon woodcarving. Learn the art of rosemaling and other Viking handcrafts.  Take a picture with a Viking and make a Viking helmet. In addition, artifacts from Pacific Lutheran University, the Scandinavian Club, and the Nordic Museum in Seattle will be on display.  March 14 will be fun for all and a free family festival. 

5.9.20           Make It, Paint It, Print It Art Festival


Third Thursdays
4 pm—7 pm

Becci Crowe11.21.19       A Night to Care: Endangered Species and Our Planet: An evening with adventure and conservation artist Becci Crowe.  Listen to Becci describe the adventures and experiences with organizations who work to save threatened species. Becci's desire to study her subjects in their natural world has led to adventurous travel to remote parts of the planet where she soon discovered the challenges faced by wildlife and the people sharing their environment. An early journey to Rwanda searching for the endangered Mountain Gorilla led to an interview by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as part of an issue on the world's top 25 adventure trips.

Inspired by her experiences, Becci supports conservationists around the globe through her art (which will be on display), speaking engagements and active involvement in the field. Most recently she has been with Dr. Jane Goodall in both the Republic of Congo and Tanzania, Dr. Colleen Begg of Niassa Lion Project in Mozambique, and Dr. Greg Rasmussen of Painted Dog Research Trust in Zimbabwe.  
Learn more about Becci Crowe.

1.16.20         Civil Rights Presentation

2.20.20         Drums, Drums, Drums

3.19.20         Living Voices: 'Hear My Voice'

4.16.20         Scavenger Hunt At Spring Fair*

5.21.20         Celebrate the Child


Nights at the Museum

Ongtupqa11.15.19       100th Year of the Grand Canyon: Hopi Flute Music and Award Winning Movie “Ongtupqa”: Watch this award-winning movie about the Grand Canyon and the Hopi’s tribute to their sacred lands on the 100th anniversary of it's designation as a national park. Öngtupqa - the Hopi name for Grand Canyon which translates to “Salt Canyon”, is the creation of musicians Clark Tenakhongva, Vice Chairman of the Hopi Tribe and renowned traditional singer; Gary Stroutsos playing the Hopi long flute, and Matthew Nelson playing clay pot percussion. This documentary film shares Hopi cultural connections to the canyon through music and spoken word, stunning images of the Grand Canyon, live music footage, time-lapse imagery, and much more.   Read more about Gary Stroutsos and Öngtupqa.

1.24.20         Information coming soon 


*at the Washington State Fairgrounds