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Kids' Club

The Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts, owned and operated by the Puyallup School District, desires to use our collection and resources to be a leader in participatory education for students, teachers and our community.  As a part of our community outreach and commitment to give our children and families hands-on experiences we are excited to continue the "Karshner Kids Club" for a second year.  The "Kids Club" is free, students will receive newsletters, a passport and a membership card.  As students carry out activities with artifacts, participate in activities at the museum and through other community activities they receive stamps in their passports.  They will work their way up through levels and earn prizes. We are hoping you can enroll your students in this worthwhile student “Club” as they explore science, history, other cultures, artifacts, photos, documents and learn critical thinking skills as well as creativity, communication and collaboration.

Karshner Kids Club students will learn about Puyallup and Washington State History; the Oregon Trail and Pioneers; the original inhabitants of our area - the Puyallup, Nisqually and Muckleshoot and other Coast Salish Indians; science topics like bugs and butterflies, rocks and gems, fossils; endangered species and inventing; other cultures and seasonal themes; all while learning research, and critical thinking skills and having fun.  Watch for our newsletters each month!

Sign up is easy, you will get: 
• Newsletters with fun activities like: scavenger hunts, activities, special events at the Karshner Center, craft how-tos, word searches, coloring sheets, and more!
Karshner Kids Club Activities – hands-on activities for Karshner Kids Club members at various events at the Museum.
Finish an activity or attend an event and get a stamp in your KIDS CLUB passport.  After completing a number of activities, turn in your passport for a prize!
Members develop and practice research skills as they explore artifacts, historical photographs, cultures and documents at the Karshner Museum. Join us as we use our investigative skills to learn about life and cultures from around the world.
Get your own Karshner Kids Club membership card and passport.
Get prizes for moving up the Club levels!
Free to join!

PRIZES - KIDS CLUB members will also win prizes.  Bookmarks, art supplies, stamps, free bowling, skating sessions, books, art classes, and much more. 

Ways to earn stamps and awards:
• Come to a Saturday Festival or a Third Thursday Family Night.
• Complete an artifact of the week (from our website) activity form.
• Visit the exhibits and complete one of the activity pages.
• Read a book from the library about cultures or history or artifacts.
• Create an art project inspired by an artifact at the museum.
• Do a research project inspired by an artifact at the museum.
• Create a poster about an artifact to share with the public.
• Learn about a country an artifact you saw at the Karshner Center comes from.
• Create a display at one of our Pop-Up Museum nights.
• Create your own collection and write about it.
• Volunteer at the Karshner Museum.
• Attend special activities just for KIDS CLUBS members.

Activity sheets for many of these activities will be available at the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts.  

New activities will be available every month!