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Karshner Center's Story
       Dr. Warner Karshner endows Puyallup School District with artifacts to start museum that would provide a hands-on engaging use of primary sources to enrich children’s education.
1931       Museum opens in room in Puyallup High School. By 1937 there were 28 display cases full of artifacts, from botanical specimens to Native American artifacts and early Greek and Roman pieces; minerals, gems and sea life.
1945       Pierce County Pioneers Association  meets at Karshner Museum, descendants from Puyallup Pioneers attend, State Museum Director attends.
1945-1990    Museum has open houses, open to public during summer & Ezra Meeker Days.  Field trips per year: 100 or more.
1964       Karshner Museum moves to Stewart Elementary built in 1924 where it still remains today.
1979       Seattle Times does three page special magazine feature on Karshner Museum.
1981       Museum celebrates 50 years with celebration covered by news shows, newspapers, celebration.
1990-2010  Family Days and Special events added to student field trips.
1998       Chihuly glass pieces added to museum inventory.
2014      Curriculum designed and vetted by Chief Leschi schools and other tribal historians for third grade social studies in “Native Cultures of Washington State: the Cultures and Contributions” field trip to museum revised to have authentic hands-on activities, and projects.
2013-2014        Karshner Museum remodel, exhibit space increased, display cases added, technology updated.
2014       Grand Re-Opening  - Attended by Mayors, Legislators, Secretary of State, Puyallup Tribe and Chief Leschi Schools, School Board and many community members and Dr. Karshner’s family.
2015-2018        New field trips designed, free culture & arts family festivals, Night at the Museum events, new exhibits every year.