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May 18, 2018: Appalachia, Blue, Folk Songs
Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons Performance
Posted on 05/22/2018

On a cool quiet Friday evening in Puyallup, the Karshner museum echoed the sounds of traditional music ranging from the blues to ragtime.

Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons are two musicians who have kept the traditions of music alive that many mayBen and Joe think of as music’s past.

The sounds of banjos, blues guitars, fiddle, and mandolins filled the museum as audiences tapped their toes to the catchy and energetic rhythms.

Ben and Joe entertained their audiences, not just with music, but also the rich history that influenced the lyrics, sound, and styles of the songs they played.

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Earlier that day, students from Sunrise and Woodland Elementary were treated to performances from the Oregon Shadow Theater as well as performances from Ben and Joe.

Ben and Joe also entertained students with traditional music as well as where the instruments and genres of music came from. Ben and Joe started the Rhapsody Project to bring traditional music to younger generations of listeners.

Ben and Joe want younger generations to understand that traditional music such as folk, ragtime, and blues are still alive today and how the songs and genres have influenced history and music history.

Oregon Shadow TheaterThe Oregon Shadow Theater performed a shadow puppet play called ‘Jack & the Dragon.’ The play incorporates beautiful colorful puppets and set designs inspired from the Appalachian mountains where the fairytale was inspired.

Students were not only engaged but on the edge of their seats during the shadow puppet play. Throughout the show live music from the banjo, hammer dulcimer, as well as other instruments helped the characters and voices come to life in this folk fairytale.

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This was the third and final Friday Festival of the year at the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture and Art