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October 18, 2018: Los Flacos with Abel Rocha
Third Thursday
October 18, 2018
Free concert 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Los Flacos

Los Flacos performs a blend of the spiciest traditional sounds of Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. Using a variety of instruments, some indigenous to the Americas and others of European and African origin, they create their own renditions of the songs of Latin America. Funding is through a partnership with Pierce County and the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts.

Los Flacos performs traditional acoustic music from Latin America and the Carribean. Band Members: Juan Sérbulo, Tim Wetmiller, Abel Rocha, Diego Coy

Juan Serbulo: He is a self-taught musician born in Oaxaca, Mexico. His musical flavor and source of inspiration come from the windy tropical Isthmus of Tehuantepec, a region rich with boleros, tropical dance music, traditional rhythms, and the "New Latin American Song". Playing the guitar has been his life-long love. In 2004 he composed the music for the documentary film Bi-National Dreams (Suenos Bi-Nacionales, about his home state. For the last two years he has also been playing gypsy jazz.

Tim Wetmiller: For several years, Tim has traveled on a regular basis to Mexico's southwestern states of Guerrero and Michoacan to study the music of Juan Reynoso and other great violinists of the region known as TierraCaliente. He also plays gypsy swing music and bluegrass music with local bands including Hot Club Sandwich ( and Disfunction Junction (

Abel Rocha: Abel is a Mexican-born vocalist interpreter of "Jarocho music" and player of many instruments native to Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina, including the Venezuelan harp and cuatro, the quinta huapanguera, and the guitar. His sound is influenced by Andean, mestizo, and criollo rhythms (a blend of indigenous, African, and European influences). He has recorded three CDs in collaboration with the group Correo Aereo (

Diego Coy: Born in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, Diego plays the quena, quenacho, and the zampona in addition to other woodwinds and percussion instruments that are native to countries in the Andean region. He applies jazz improvisation to traditional music in a unique way. Diego Coy also performs with Grupo Samay and Sin Fronteras.