Third Thursdays are fun nights for all ages
Third Thursdays are fun nights for all ages
Posted on 11/27/2018

 Third Thursdays are Fun Nights for all Ages

December 20, 2018      4pm -7 pm         Free Event!


“Grandmother’s Favorite Holiday Decoration”

What is a Pop-up Exhibit?  A Pop-up Museum Exhibit is a temporary exhibit created by people in the community who show up to participate.  A theme is chosen and the community is invited to bring an object to share—it’s a community show and tell.  Participants create a label for their object and put it on display. They then look at other people’s objects, listen to their stories and share theirs!

Pop-up Exhibits usually only last a few hours and the objects go home with the folks who brought them.  The Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts want to create a fun time where students, parents, retired citizens, business owners, community members and school teachers can come share an object and enjoy themselves. 

The first Pop-up Exhibit at the Karshner Center will be on December 20, 2018 from 4 pm -7 pm.  While the theme states “Grandmother’s Favorite Holiday Decoration,” it really is about bringing your favorite holiday decoration.  Maybe it was your Grandmother's, maybe it was given to you by someone special, maybe you made it and it has special significance, maybe it is important because of the traditions and ways you celebrate the holidays; whatever it is, bring it and share its story with others. 

Here are some examples of things that could show up at this Pop-up Museum Exhibit:

Pop Up exhibit

There will also be opportunities to make a holiday card, bookmark or ornament. For added fun, teachers and community members will read aloud favorite holiday stories!


January 17, 2019      4pm -7 pm         Free Event!

Celebrate Winter!

The Third Thursday in January we will have fun with Winter.  We will look at varieties of designs that are in real snowflakes, make some fancy snowflake art projects, and make snow—yes make snow! Learn about icicles, dry ice and experience the sounds of a blizzard.  There will be lots to experience about weather, fun winter activities and artifacts.  Come see our ice skates from the 1920’s, early strange artifacts that kept your feet warm and more!

The Art of Winter

    Snowflakes, Snowmen and Icicles!           

T Blizzards, White-outs and Winter Wildness!

T Art Projects, Science Exploration, and Fun! 

T    Kids Club Activities!                   

T    And an Art Show — of local artists – pick your favorite!